bang. Prix 2017

"Today’s “post - digital“ era with hyper-dynamic digital moments and incredibly fast pace of information flow transform the dynamic and intellectual paradigms into innovative ideas by inspiring from art. bang. Art Innovation Prix has born out of bits, atoms, neurons, genes which help human beings shape the future by exploring new habitats. At the same time, it creates a new environment for artists to combine abstraction and aesthetic relationships in science, art and innovation contexts.

The sudden emergence of new inventions in the nineteenth century has taken its place in history. With the advance of technology now it has left its place to “innovation” and “avant-garde”. New technologies such as biotechnology, augmented reality, virtual reality are reshaping our experiences and redesigning our future.

Alexander Galloway states that the digitalization of objects in the post - digital period has not only created a link between the self and the world, but also changed our behaviors and thinking styles. Thanks to these new aesthetic judgements artists create new forms supported by science and science is inspired by art for the new…

bang. Prix is triggered with curiosity and exploration desire of human beings who are a part of the world flora and faunas. Young artists combine this desire with science and hi-tech such as genetics and cellular biology, big data, image processing to create art pieces in data art, bio art, new media and hybrid arts categories."

Esra Özkan